What is wordpress

WordPress is one of the world’s most simple and popular content management systems or CMS for short. This means you provide the content while the platform does all the coding and organizing. If you’re looking for the right web builder to get your website started, WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress is an open-source website creation project, which means there are hundreds of volunteers all around the world working to improve the platform every day. It also means it’s free to use without paying a licensing fee.

There’s an essential difference between using WordPress.com and the self-hosted WordPress.org. We recommend using WordPress.org because although it requires you to use a domain and website hosting, it means you’ll completely control your content. 

You can use custom themes and plugins, your site will be ad-free, and you can use custom analytic tools that work better than the ones that come with WordPress.com. In addition, you can create a fully customizable online store using WooCommerce!

Who should use WordPress?

If you’re wondering whether WordPress is for everyone, here’s a breakdown of the features of WordPress that explains how it works well for all users. 

WordPress began in 2003 as a piece of free blogging software created by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who continues to run WordPress.org, the company that makes WordPress available to anyone who wants to create a websit or blog. 

In developing WordPress and making it perpetually free, its creators hoped to “democratize publishing” by designing a site-building program allowing anyone to have a voice and presence online.

The features that made WordPress so appealing to bloggers and other kinds of Internet publishers also appealed to a wider audience, including some of the most prominent companies in the US and worldwide. 

WordPress is the platform of choice for a long list of household names, including Sony Music, Variety, Time, Inc., and the Disney Company, along with millions of smaller business and personal sites. 

The most recent version of the platform has been downloaded over 22 million times so far, and new versions continue to be developed by the large WordPress user community.

WordPress is free to use and modify

WordPress is an open-source, free website creation tool written in PHP. 

It is licensed under General Public License, which allows anyone to use the software and modify it to suit individual needs and share those modifications with others. “Open source” software is publicly available and always free, so WordPress can be downloaded anytime or installed as part of a manage wp hosting package.

Because WordPress invites modification and improvement, it has the support of a large and growing community of designers, developers, and lovers of software. 

These members of the WordPress community are constantly working on the WordPress core code and organizing events and “WordPress camps” to help people learn about WordPress and solve problems with using it. In addition, WordPress users of all levels of experience are invited to join the WordPress community and contribute in any way they can to support other users and keep the program stable and up to date.

Getting started with a WordPress site is as easy as downloading a copy from WordPress.org and installing it on a hosting platform or using the WordPress installation feature offered by most web hosting providers. No matter how it’s acquired or installed, WordPress is completely free.

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